• The National Research & Development Institute for Welding accredited by the Ministry of Education and Research 

  • Quality system according to ISO 9001/2000 certified by TÜV Cert for all its fields of activity

  •  Certification body for welding personnel and nondestructive testing personnel ISIM CERT END accredited by RENAR in accordance with SR EN ISO 17024. ISIM CERT END designated by the Ministry of Economy and Commerce and notified to the European Commission as a third party body for the certification of personnel working in the field of non-destructive examination and welding personnel for pressure vessels – European directive 97/23/EC.

  • ISIM CERT END was notified at the European Commission and introduced in the NANDO Information System (Designed and Notified Organizations for the New Approach (view site).

  • Certification body for the quality and the environmental management systems in welding according to SR EN ISO 3834 and SR EN  ISO 14001, authorized by the European Welding Federation (EWF)

  • Inspection body type A - ISIM INSP, accredited by RENAR

  • Centre of Excellency in ultrasound welding

  • Training centre in welding authorized by the International Institute of Welding and the European Welding Federation

  • Qualification Centre in welding authorized by the Ministry of Labour and Social Solidarity (MMSS) and the Ministry of Education and Research (MEdC)

  • Material testing laboratory accredited by RENAR and authorized by ISCIR

  • Technological Transfer Centre in Welding CENTA-ISIM,  authorized by the Ministry of Education and Research




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