Professional Training

This Training Centre was approved, at International/European level by ASR CertPers as a Training /Forming Centre to carry on courses and it was also approved, at national level, by the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection as a professional Forming supplier. The Forming Centre has developed and develops courses in Timişoara, Bucharest , Belgrade , Chisinau etc.

The obtained qualifications/certifications are based on the prescriptions of guidelines issued by the International Institute of Welding (IIW), the European Welding Federation (EWF), SR EN ISO 9712 and on national norms and prescriptions, respectively. Up to now a number of 430 IWE diplomas, 406  EWE diplomas, 70 IWI diplomas, 47 EWI diplomas 50 diplomas IWS and over 2500 authorisation/reauthorization certifications for polyethylene welding operators have been awarded.

The offer of the Training body consists, mainly, in following courses:

  • International/European Welding Engineer course (addressed to the welding co-ordinator personnel and in compliance with SR EN ISO 14731);

  • International/European Welding Technologist (addressed to the welding co-ordinator personnel, at the technician level and in compliance with the SR EN SO 14731 requirements);

  • International Welding Inspector (addressed to the TQC personnel);

  • International Welding Specialist;

  • Polyethylene welding operator specialisation course for authorisation/re-authorisation according to ISCIR CR 9/3;

  • Qualification course for metallic material welder addressed to the welding co-ordinator personnel and in accordance with SR EN 719 requirements (in compliance with the Law no. 375 from 11.06.2000, GO no. 129 from 31.08.200 and HG no. 552 from 08.05.2003);

  • Instruction courses followed by the welding personnel qualification according to SR EN 287-1, SR EN  ISO 9606-2, SR EN 1418, SR EN 13133, SR EN 13067
    (the course syllabus is established in agreement with the beneficiary for specific fields);

  • Course for non-destructive examination operator:

  visual inspection,  level 1and 2, according to SR EN ISO 9712

  penetrant liquids,  level 1 and 2, according to SR EN ISO 9712

  magnetic particles, level 1 and 2, according to SR EN ISO 9712

  ultrasounds, level 1 and 2, according to SR EN ISO 9712

  penetrant radiation, level 1 and 2, according to SR EN ISO 9712

At request the Training Centre can develop theoretical as well as practical courses on specialised fields (ultrasound, laser beam or electron beam welding, brazing and soldering, operator for destructive examination, metallographic analysis etc.) at the beneficiary headquarters, too.

Additional information:  

Eng. Horia Daşcău, Head of Education and Training Department

Tel. +40 256 491831 
+40 256 492797


Eng. Marius Cocard

Tel. +40 256 491831 int. 182
+40 256 492797




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