ISIM INSP represents a third part inspection body (of A type), being an autonomous structure inside ISIM Timisoara.

Areas of activity:

  1. Inspection of materials and steel products for heat treatment and their joints 

  2. Inspection of materials and steel products for use under pressure and their joints

  3. Inspection of materials and plastic products and their joints

  4. Risk Based Inspection

Inspection activities are developed based on agreed and/or communicated to client plans/programs, with specialized personnel having specific attributions and technical responsibilities in the involved qualification areas.

The inspection results are evaluated relative to reference characteristics and data and they are appreciated depending on their conformity with these aspects. The inspection is finalized with inspection reports and certificates.

The documents emitted by the inspection body are controlled based on the criteria of confidentiality to interested parts.

These documents may be also used in the cases when clients ask a third part (different from the inspection body) to certify their products/processes conformity.


  • Manufacturers of steel construction, semi-casting, or other steel producers of welding / bounding materials

  • Holders of installations and under pressure equipment

  • Chemical and petrochemical plants

  • Producers of materials, companies that install or operate gas pipes, water and sanitation in materials.


    Technical leader: Dr.eng. Alin MURARIU

    Tel. : +40 256 491831 int. 120

    Fax : +40 256 492797

    E-mail :





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