Certification of welding personnel and of the personnel in the field of non-destructive examination and the qualification welding procedures

ISIM CERT END body is accredited by RENAR for the Certification of welding personnel, the personnel in the field of non-destructive examination and qualification of welding procedures.



  • SR EN ISO/CEI 17024:2012 - The Conformity evaluation. General requirements for bodies accomplishing the certification of the persons.
  • SR EN ISO 9000:2006      - Quality Management Systems. Fundamental principles and vocabulary.
  • SR EN ISO 9712 - Non-destructive examination. Qualification and certification of personnel for non-destructive testing (NDT). General principles 
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A. CERTIFICATION of personnel

1. Certification of welding personnel

Certification of welding personnel is done on the basis of standards mentioned at documents of references

Certification stages

  • send on the address of ISIM CERT END an application form (form ISIM CERT END FO 11-01 );

  • emit the contract having as object the certification of the welding personnel;

  • After  signing the contract the Chief Executive appoints the head of theme and establishes the period for the examination of candidates;

  • The practical examination of the welding personnel. The theoretical examination  is done by the welding coordinator within the company;

  • Emit the qualification certificate of the welder or the welding operator, in case of promotion.

The validity of the certificate is of 2 years on the condition that at 6 months intervals the welding coordinator or the responsible of the employer confirms that the welder or welding operator is working in the indicated field of certification. Otherwise the certificate looses the validity;

The validity of the certificate can be prolonged by the certification body on the condition that requirements of the certification standard are met;

2. Certification of personnel in the field of non-destructive examination

The personnel for non-destructive examination applying for the certification have to attend, previously, a qualification course approved by ISIM CERT END.

The personnel for non-destructive examination shall be certified following a theoretical and practical exam sustained in an examination centre approved by ISIM CERT END.

The theoretical exam consists of a general and specific theoretical exam.

On demand, ISIM CERT END can recognize training or examination centres after their evaluation.

Non-destructive testing methods for which ISIM CERT END can offer certification:

  • Visual testing                                 VT
  • Penetrant liquid testing                 PT     level 1,2   
  • Magnetic particle testing               MT    level 1,2     
  • Radiographic testing                     RX    level 1,2     
  • Ultrasound testing                          UT    level 1,2  

In order to be certified, the candidate must put at the disposal of the certification body a file containing the following papers:

  • Application form for certification (form ISIM-CERT END FO 03-01 / );

  • Diploma of study (copy);

  • The evidence of having graduate the NDT course for the method and the level for which is required a certification  (copy);

  • The evidence of the industrial experience depending on the method and the level for which is required a certification (see paragraph 6.2.1. from SR EN ISO 9712.);

  • The evidence of visual acuity (according to form FO-11-03 / )

  • Copy of the birth certificate;

  • Copy of the identity card;

  • 2  passport type photos;

  • Qualification certificate for the method and level for which is required a certification.

  • Examination and certification of personnel for non-destructive testing is made on the contract basis. Examination and certification fee is established in the beginning of each year. The fee for 2014 year is 806 lei (with VAT).

The fee for the certification renewal is 806 lei (with VAT).

For renewal of certification according to SR EN ISO 9712, please fill in the form attached.

The certificate validity is of 5 years on the condition to respect the provisions at point 9.4 of 
SR EN ISO 9712.

The certificate renewal and re-certification can be made according to point 10 and 11 of SR EN ISO 9712.


The training and examination centres shall sent to ISIM CERT END  body an application regarding their recognition and  approval. (forms ISIM CERT END FO-07-01   ; ISIM CERT END FO-08-01

Following the analysis of the applications a contract shall be closed between ISIM CERT END and respective centres regarding their recognition and approval.

The representatives of ISIM CERT END body shall evaluate the training and examination requirements.




The qualification of welding procedures will be made based on the standards mentioned at reference documents.

Steps of the qualification welding procedure

  • Sending an application to ISIM CERT END address (ISIM CERT END FO 17-01 form / );  

  • Contract issues having as object the qualification welding procedure.

  • After the signing of contract, the Executive Leader will appoint a theme responsible and will establish the period when the supervising of necessary qualification activities will take place.

  • Examination of laboratory results and determining the compliance with the requirements of the qualification standard of welding procedure.

  • Issues of qualification welding procedure minute if laboratory results are according with the requirements of qualification welding procedure standard.


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