ISIM today

General Manager Nicuşor Alin Sîrbu


To perform high quality activities of applicative research and technological development, respectively of qualification, certification, examination and inspection services, bench tests, welding consultancy, connected procedures, material and welded structures testing in order to increase Romanian industry efficiency.

Founded in 1970, ISIM Timişoara is a centre of scientific and technical competence in the field of welding and material testing.

Operating since 1999 as a national research & development institute, ISIM has in progress the following actions:

  • fundamental and applicative research in the field of welding and material testing
  • scientific counseling, expertise, prognosis, failure analysis, inspection
  • constructive development of welding equipment and material testing equipment
  • training of personnel
  • certification and quality assurance
  • dissemination of scientific and technical information

As a scientific institution nationally and internationally acknowledged representative of Romania to the International Institute of Welding (IIW), ISIM implemented a quality system in compliance with ISO 9001 for all its fields of activity, a system certified by TÜV CERT.

Main competences

·         Scientific research

           - Welding and allied processes

-          Shielding gas welding

-          Laser welding

-     Plasma welding

-          Electron beam welding

-          Ultrasound welding

-          Pressure electric welding

-          Friction welding

-          Thermal cutting

-          Thermal spraying (metals and ceramics)

-          Brazing

         - Material testing  

-          Destructive material testing

-          Metallographic analysis

-          Material thermal fatigue

-          Technical diagnosis of thermally - mechanically strained components

-          Assessment of the remaining lifetime period of industrial equipment

-          Failure analysis


·         Technological development

-          Modernization and automation of welding equipment

-          Designing new equipment for welding and material testing

-          Prototype equipment


·         Training and qualification of personnel in the field of welding and nondestructive testing

-          Training and qualification of European / International Welding Engineers in Romania ,    Republic of Moldavia , Serbia & Montenegro (over 275 diplomas awarded)

-          Training and qualification of European / International Welding Inspectors (over 45 diplomas awarded)

-          Qualification and certification of NDT operators (over 70 qualifications) in compliance with SR EN ISO 9712, certification through the ISIM Cert END body, accredited by RENAR

-          Qualification of polyethylene welding operators (over 3500 qualifications)


·         Certification

-          Certification of quality systems in welding according to SR EN ISO 3834

-          Certification of environmental management systems according to ISO 14001 for welding works

-          Qualification of welders according to SR EN 287, SR EN ISO 9606-2, SR EN ISO 9606-3, 
SR EN ISO 9606-4 and SR EN 1418

-          Qualification of  welding procedures according to SR EN ISO 15614 and 
SR EN ISO 14555

·         Inspection 

-          Inspections for the determination of remaining life period of the components of energetic  and petrochemical equipment

§         CET Craiova, CET Govora, CET Deva, CET Rovinari, etc

§         ARPECHIM Piteşti

-          Inspections of the manufacturing processes through welding and thermal spraying (ASTRA Trinity Arad, CCCF Timişoara)

-          Inspection for the reception of products (SN Porţile de Fier, TÜV Süd)

-          Inspection body - ISIM INSP


·         Technological transfer

-         Center of Technological Transfer CENTA

-          National technological transfer network in the field of welding

-          Balkans technological transfer network in the field of welding




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