• Conception, design, and execution of specialized installation in the field of welding, cutting and hardfacing by welding :

-   specialized installations and technological lines for the mechanization and automation of welding processes and electric arc reconditioning

-    plasma thermal cutting machines and CNC flame  or optical fracking cutting machines

  •  Conception, design, and execution of equipment for: 

-   resistance spot and relief welding

-   stud welding

-   ultrasound welding

-   stored energy welding

friction steer welding

  • Conception and achievement of assembly centers through welding in modular structures integrated in automated manufacturing streams

  • Modernization and rehabilitation of welding, cutting and reconditioning installations by welding

  • Analysis of technical solutions for the optimization of welding processes

  • Counseling and technical assistance at the putting into service of technological lines/centers for the production by welding of certain complex metallic structures

  • Organization, mechanization, automation, and robotization of welding lines

  • Production of small series steel parts



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